Surface treatment

BOURGET’s the only Quebec company to offer, for more than 30 years, the technique of surface treatment. Also called economic paving, this road surface uses emulsions based on bitumen and crushed aggregates. Surface treatment is the most ecological coating on the market and the least expensive. This cold process emits practically no greenhouse gases, unlike bituminous mixes which must be heated to 150 ° C.

The range of BOURGET bitumen emulsions is suitable for all types of interventions, depending on road works, throughout Quebec. It is the best prevention approach to delay or even stop the deterioration of existing roads.

Very interesting solution for the surface treatment of :

// Rural roads
// Road shoulders
// Bicycle paths

With adequate preparation and granular foundations, the life of the surface treatment is largely comparable to that offered by conventional asphalt. This technique can also extend the life of an asphalt road.

Being in competition with American and European products dictates that we position ourselves in an ecological way to send a very clear signal to the Quebec market.


✔︎ Best quality price ratio;
✔︎ Elimination of dust and reduction of losses of granular materials;
✔︎ Enviable service life and proven resistance;
✔︎ Increased grip and therefore safety;
✔︎ Ecological process without greenhouse gases;
✔︎ Pavement waterproofing;
✔︎ Quick return to traffic at the end of the work.

Bituminous sealant

The application of a bituminous sealant optimizes the surface treatment. This technique consists of spreading a diluted cationic bitumen emulsion enriched with polymer, specially formulated to act as a protective screen. This preventive treatment both strengthens and preserves the integrity of the surface.

The binder produced at our facilities is entirely from Quebec. It is spread with a standard distributor truck. Its installation is therefore fast and efficient. The Bourget bituminous sealer is a good solution to overcome the problems of stripping of pavements, because it enriches the coating with a thin film of bitumen by covering the surface aggregates.


✔︎ Improved comfort and visual appearance of the road;
✔︎ Prevention of the loss of aggregates and oxidation;
✔︎ Protection against bad weather, water infiltration and damage caused by snow removal;
✔︎ Inexpensive treatment offering excellent value for the money;
✔︎ Extension of useful life, when executed at the right time;
✔︎ Better visibility of the marking lines.


Surface treatment


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