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Bitumen emulsion

De-icing products

Dust stopper

BOURGET offers the best of both worlds!

Winter and Summer, BOURGET‘s commitment cannot be denied! Our offer of products and services help our municipal, government, commercial and institutional customers face the worst whims of nature.

Our high-performance solutions make it possible to minimize the unpleasant and unnecessary costly impacts linked to the hazards of our climate. In other words, BOURGET‘s ecological solutions allow customers to adapt to these impacts on our road network and to drive in peace.

Partner in sectors

// Municipal
// Governmental
// Commercial
// Institutional

Any time, any season!

Winter maintenance products

// CMH-30 de-icer
// BOURGET abrasive
// BOURGET AP-29 super de-icer
// BOURGET salt
// Road and industrial snow removal

Summer maintenance products

// AP-35 dust stopper and its derivatives
// Surface treatment (economical paving)
// Bitumen emulsions
// BOURGET bituminous sealant

From design to use, BOURGET’s products and techniques respect best practices in matters of the environment. They are part of a management method and sustainable development.


To increase operational efficiency and autonomy, BOURGET offers a rental service for specialized equipment:

// Wheel loader
// Spreader truck for emulsions
// Trailer truck with conveyor
// Pneumatic roller
// Chip spreader
// Asphalt compactor roller (combined tires and steel)
// Water truck
// Truck for transporting aggregates or asphalt
// Snowblower