Quebec and Canadian product


Ecological product


BNQ certified

The AP-35

35% dust stopper

Conform to:

//Criteria of the Quota and General Specifications (CCDG) of the Quebec Department of Transport (MDTMDET)
// Eco-toxicological standards of the Quebec Department of the Environment
// BNQ certified

BOURGET dust stopper products are a rational and effective response to all the challenges faced by managers and planners in the municipal and industrial sectors. Their orderly use generates several other advantages.

The AP-35 is a liquid calcium chloride type dust stopper in a concentration of 35%. Composed mainly of calcium chloride (80%) and magnesium chloride (20%), its unique composition is extremely effective in capturing moisture and keeping it on the ground.

100% locally produced, the AP-35 is the most environmentally friendly dust stopper on the market. Unlike products from the United States or Europe, it is transported over a very short distance, therefore reducing its ecological footprint.


✔︎ Systematic reduction of dust;
✔︎ Increased bearing capacity of the ground and resistance to skidding;
✔︎ Stabilization of unpaved roads;
✔︎ Immediate use of the route after application;
✔︎ Reduction in the need for road maintenance works;
✔︎ Best quality price ratio;
✔︎ 100% Canadian product respectful of the environment;
✔︎ Reduction of the impacts associated with road dust on the environment and the health of citizens.

The AP-20

Dust stopper 20 %

The AP-20 is made from the AP-35, BNQ certified. This dust stopper offers greater efficiency than other “natural” brines because it contains no sodium.

Thanks to its unique calcium and magnesium composition, the AP-20 offers great performance.


✔︎ Made from a BNQ certified product;
✔︎ Highest concentration of solid on the market 20%;
✔︎ No impurity. Only calcium and magnesium!


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