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Liquid solution to treat salt

CHM-30 is a mixture of calcium chloride and liquid magnesium in a concentration of 30% to which a corrosion inhibitor and a natural dye of green color are added.

The use of CMH-30 improves the performance of de-icing salt and helps reduce rebound losses during spreading. The salt treated with CMH-30 adheres better to the road and is more resistant to spreading to the shoulder due to the passage of vehicles. As soon as it is spread, the treated salt begins to act, which makes the pavement safer more quickly, in addition to increasing the effectiveness of spreading.


✔︎ Increased efficiency of salt;
✔︎ Reduced application rates due to the performance of the CMH-30;
✔︎ Substantial savings;
✔︎ Reduction of environmental impacts.

Bourget® Salt

Treated with CMH-30

Bourget® Salt, also called “green salt”, is a de-icing salt treated with CMH-30. It has an immediate de-icing effect on snow and ice. It is more effective than untreated salt at much lower temperatures. In addition, thanks to its distinctive color, it is easy to see the salt spread on the road.

Advantages of BOURGET® Salt

✔︎ Reduced application rates;
✔︎ Greater melting power;
✔︎ Keep your reserves malleable at all times;
✔︎ Acts immediately and accelerates the melting process;
✔︎ Increases the effectiveness of salt at lower temperature.

You can now have your salt treated at your own facilities or purchase Bourget® Salt.

SEL BOURGET® treated with CMH-30 bagged

SEL BOURGET® is a de-icing salt that meets the requirements of the Quebec Ministry of Transport and treated with CMH-30. It is made up of larger grains of salt which will pierce ice more and take longer when diluted for prolonged effectiveness. It acts at -25 degrees from its application!

Offered in BIG BAG in 20KG and 10KG bags


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