About us

BOURGET is today one of the players in the world of road maintenance in Quebec, standing out for its constant ability to innovate.

The company cultivates a vision that leads it to proudly assume a position of leader in Quebec in the market of de-icing salt, dust stoppers and bitumen emulsions. BOURGET is the only entirely Quebec producer of bitumen emulsions.

We are the proud distributor in Quebec of the one and only AP-35 dust stopper made from a raw material naturally drawn from Canadian soil.

A local products,

fr the local economy

BOURGET is aware that the social value chain of local products intended for local consumption must be the subject of constant support from consumers, individuals or businesses, and this in the name of a strong, growing, healthy local and durable economy.

Local purchasing is not only a factor in the food industry, but also that of the industries of clothing, furniture, biological products and even chemicals which undergo fierce competition from Chinese, American, European, Mexican products and others. This is part of good economic nationalism!

Thanks to its network, BOURGET is near to all the main markets in Quebec, and therefore to its customers, with products intended for local consumption and for responsible behavior.

Our mission

Respond to all challenges of administrators and planners in the municipal world.

Our values

✔︎ Integrity

✔︎ Quality

✔︎ Respect

✔︎ Passion for service

✔︎ Innovation

Our agility:

pledge of an exceptional business partner

In addition to its central facilities in Lanaudière, BOURGET has many regional depots : in Estrie, Outaouais, Centre-du-Québec and in Grand Lanaudière. This operational flexibility allows us to quickly and easily adjust to customer needs. Other satellite depots can also emerge where demand warrants it!

Local and environmental expertise serving municipalities and road networks in Quebec!

BOURGEThas not only the art of know-how, but also the art of bringing together the concepts of efficiency, economy and performance.