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Bitumen emulsion

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Dust stopper

Since its inception, BOURGET offers effective solutions adapted to the specific needs of its customers. Whether you come from the municipal world, private business, public or institutional sector, the construction industry or even a car park operator, we are proud to be your partner.

Passion, tradition and innovation

At BOURGET, the taste for innovation goes through the passion of the customer, service and excellence. These values are at the heart of the company’s DNA.

For ages, we have made it our duty to act as the guardian par excellence of regional, as well as national road heritage. Our solutions continually push back known and recognized standards.

BOURGET is above all a partnership offer that holds the road… anytime, any season!

Investing to guarantee supply

In constant growth, BOURGET remains attentive to the needs of its customers. That is why we launched a bold program of continuous investment in our facilities in St-Paul, in Lanaudière. Developed over the years, our program allows us to further increase our product storage and distribution capacities.

As such, dust stoppers and bitumen emulsions, the demand for which is continuously growing in Quebec, are always available to supply all of our customers’ needs.

These major investments demonstrate our desire to stimulate the local economy by creating and maintaining jobs in the Lanaudière region.